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Answers to two questions:

How good is the quality of the final product?

We only shoot in High Definition (HD), so the quality of our footage is exceptional from a technical point of view.  Our camera people have taken extensive professional courses in lighting, set design, aesthetics, production and video editing.

How much will it cost me to hire your camera crew for a 30 second television commercial?

All costs will depend on how elaborate you want your commercial to be and what equipment is needed to execute your vision.  The more equipment and crew manpower needed, the higher the cost.

We can and will work within the budget you give us.  So you can afford us.  Just give us some idea of what you want and we'll calculate a cost for you.

The cost can range from $700 to $5,000 and up.  

Contact us now for more information:  info@silvercheese.com

How costs will increase or decrease:  
  • 1 Camera, 2 Cameras, 3 Cameras, 4+ Cameras

  • Lighting - Outdoor vs. Indoor lighting requirements

  • Sound - will the work require music, voiceovers or special sound effects?

  • Will the work require hiring professional actors or professional voice over artists?

  • How many crew members will be required to man the equipment?

  • Do have a pre-written script or do you need a copy writer?

  • What will your video be used for?  Video Podcast for the iPod/iPhone, cell phones, projection at a tradeshow or conference, local tv spot, video news release, documenting workflow of a job or product or put out to DVD?

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