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EditFest 2010

Tom Madrigal, Donna Betancourt and Paul Demonte with the amazing editors of Avatar, John Refoua, a.c.e. and Stephen Rivkin, a.c.e.

Tom, Donna and Paul with the great Alan Heim, longtime editor for Bob Fosse and one of the nicest men to talk with.
Alan Heim, a.c.e and Bobbie O'Steen. Alan is pure talent. He edited The Notebook, All That Jazz, Star 80, American History X, Network, Alpha dogs and many movies for Bob Fosse. He won an Emmy award for Holocaust and won his 3rd Eddie award for his work on Grey Gardens.
John Refoua, a.c.e. and Stephen Rivkin, a.c.e., the editors of Avatar; Vincent Lobrutto, Editing Instructor at the School of Visual Arts.
Mark Livolsi, a.c.e. Editor of Almost Famous; Sabrina Plisco, a.c.e, Editor of Beverly Hills Chihuahua; David Ian Salter, a.c.e, Editor of Finding Nemo; Thelma Schoonmaker, a.c.e., Editor of Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull, Casino, The Color of Money, GoodFellas, Gangs of New York and many more; Allen Title, Editor of the Docuseries Dog the Bounty Hunter and Founder of the Manhatten Edit Workshop, Josh Apter.

Tom, Donna and Paul with the great Thelma Schoonmaker, longtime editor for Martin Scorsese.

Geof Bartz, a.c.e., Editor of Boy Interrupted; Jean Tsien, Editor of Dixie Chicks: Shut Up & Sing, Geoffrey Richman, a.c.e., Editor of The Cove; Milton Ginsberg, a.c.e., Editor of Catwalk and Lillian Benson, a.c.e., Editor of Eyes on the Prize II.

Donna, Josh Apter, founder of the Manhattan Edit Workshop and Tom.

Paul Demonte in front of the Director's Guild.

Michael Berenbaum, a.c.e, Editor of Sex and the City; Andrew Weisblum, a.c.e, Editor of The Wrestler; Andrew Mondshein, a.c.e, Editor of Chocolate; Susan Morse, a.c.e, Editor of Woody Allen's films. She also received 41 Oscar nominations and 7 Oscars; Joe Klotz, a.c.e, Edited Precious which was nominated for 6 Academy Awards, including Best Editing; Normal Hollyn, Edited the Cotton Club.

Donna and Allen Title, editor for A&E's Dog the Bounty Hunter and music videos for bands such as 311 and Bush.

Donna in front of the Director's Guild.

Paul Demonte and Josh Apter clowning around with 3-D and sunglasses.

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