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The Take

The Take:  Join us as we take you behind the scenes of Silver Cheese Productions.  We will interview our stars, up-and-coming singers and bands and members of our creative team.  You won't want to miss "The Take."

The Take is recorded in High Definition (HD)!  So choose the highest quality settings for a crisp, clear picture!
Episode 11
Steven Vega
Episode 12
Al Primo
Legendary Newsman
Episode 6
Theresa Ahearn
Episode 7
David Asavanond
Episode 8
Trevor Kuhn
Episode 9
Irina Brovina
Episode 10
Milo Jaimes

Episode 1
Kevin Winterfield

Episode 2
Katie Schwartz

Episode 3
Troy Gochenour

Episode 4
Emily Edwards

Episode 5
Tim Dowd


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The Take "Behind the Scenes" Interview Show

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