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In Production 2011

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Click in to read about this exciting new show for auto enthusiasts!

Yes, Silver Cheese Productions will be there for the 2011 New York International Auto Show.  Join our auto guru, host, Mike Gambino for a tour around the auto show.

Click in to see our fabulous cast!  
View the Teaser Trailer
Action, horror and drama in one fantastic tale adapted from the original classic stories; but this story is not for children. Heroes and villains battle it out in the quest for absolute power as Professor Nathaniel Andreas discovers the existence of ancient beings once believed to be "creatures of folklore" walking among us.  A young reporter, Amy Redding, tries to investigate what brought the reclusive professor out of hiding. She is unaware that her best friend, Claire, is in possession of a locket that is somehow connected to the murderous creatures. Monsters lurk in the shadows and only one man has seen them, unable to convince anyone, he watches as danger wanders the city. No one will listen. Discover the hidden truth behind the "Fairytale Legends".

Stay tuned for more info about our next Feature:  Drew P
STYLE:  Fashion, Icons and Industry:  This year we've had the privilege of interviewing industry icons who have seen the industry grow from the start.  This doc is still in production.

MURDER IN TRIBECA:  The First Celebrity Dream Team:  One of our rainy day documentary projects.  This is the story of a national murder story you've heard little about.  Pre-production / Production and research phase.

MARATHON:  What does it take to be a runner?  We interview industry experts, personal trainers and those brave souls who take on the ultimate running challenges - the marathon.
Interview Shows
Join HostTim Dowd on the newest episodes of "The Take"!  He'll show you around NY Comic Con, talk to up and coming singers, sample newest fashions, and spook their way through Halloween in the Big Apple while running alongside biggest Marathon, The NYC Marathon. 

You'll get the inside scoop on the feature film, Riding Hood, The Movie with behind the scenes interview with the cast.  We'll interview our stars, bands and members of our creative team.  You won't want to miss "The Take!"

The Take - Interview Show - See the latest episodes!


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See the cast of Riding Hood, The Movie here.  .

View the Teaser for Riding Hood, The Movie

The Take "Behind the Scenes" Interview Show

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